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Wedding Coordination

You wake up in the morning on your wedding day. While the hustle and bustle starts to swirl around you, you feel calm and prepared. Your rehearsal went great last night, and your entire wedding party knows their role and what to expect. You know you've thought through all the pieces, and you've got the right team beside you.


You start on hair and makeup when your Day-Of Coordinator arrives. She ensures the men are getting ready and coordinates with the DJ and Officiant on timeline. You never even knew she had those conversations, but you're glad you can trust that she did. 

The music starts and she releases each member of your wedding party down the aisle on time to create a beautiful ceremony. 

The ceremony ends, the food is set up as it should be and the guests are released to get dinner in an efficient and organized manner. Your Maid of Honor forgets when she's up for her speech, but she texts your Day-Of Coordinator for a reminder without ever needing to bother you with her questions.  

It's a perfect stress-free day that you'll remember for the rest of your life. 

Does this sound like a dream? It doesn't need to be. With our Day-Of Coordination service, this is exactly what you can expect! 

Package includes: 
- 1 In person (or virtual) planning session

- 1 virtual planning session

- Unlimited access by call/text

- Detailed timeline and plan 

- Greeting of all vendors

- Up to 1.5 hours Rehearsal night before

- Up to 75 guests 

- Ensure wedding day is smooth and stress free


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